Padi Fine Dining

Average for two : Rp700,00

About Padi Fine Dining

Padi Fine Dining is a restaurant where we brings fine dining to a menu emphasizing vegetarian and pesco-vegetarian dishes. While many scoff at the idea of even attempting to create fine dining without allowing animal protein to play center stage, Chef Mandif stands poised to dazzle such skeptics, vegetarians and pesco-vegetarians alike, with dishes likely to form life-long gustatory memories.

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Jalan Suweta Banjar Bentuyung Sakti Ubud

Meet the Chef

Mandif Warokka

Mandif Warokka

A graduate of a leading hotel academy in West Java, Mandif has worked at prestigious establishments in Europe including the Michel-starred Eisvogel in Bierkenhof, Germany. Back home in Indonesia, Mandif has accumulated awards for the Best Restaurateur of the Year 2013, Best Chef of the Year 2013, and Best New Restaurant in Bali in 2014 where he has opened and operated a number of highly acclaimed restaurants.